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We are delighted to announce we have produced a brand new bespoke bag in association with PromoteMedical Ltd which is available for order now.


The Emergencies in Sport Medicine textbook has been co-edited by Dr Jonny Gordon and Dr Julian Redhead. Available from March 2012. Purchase here.


SportPromote has been set up by experienced clinicians  with backgrounds in  both Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine, coupled with a faculty comprising Consultants in Maxillo-facial Surgery, Cardiology and Intensive Care.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Up to 8 young people die each week in the UK as a result of sudden cardiac death.

This equates to  approximately 40 deaths per year in Scotland alone. 80-90% of all non-traumatic sudden deaths in young competitive athletes occur as a result of congenital cardiac abnormalities – with HOCM (Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy) accounting for about half of these deaths. Screening programmes have been set up to try and identify those at most risk, but tragically deaths still occur.

Life-threatening Trauma

From contact sports such as rugby or football  to high velocity sports such as winter-sports, motor sport  or horse riding,  life-threatening  injuries are always an unfortunate possibility.

Unless the assessing clinician has the knowledge, competencies and appropriate equipment available then further injury to the player can occur as a direct consequence of the clinician’s actions.

Life-threatening Illness

Life-threatening illness or collapse can also occur, with athletes who are diabetic or asthmatic at greater risk. Seizures may occur as a result of head injury, hypoglycaemia  or even cardiac arrest, and not just as a result of epilepsy. Following a structured initial assessment whether it be a  traumatic or medical emergency will afford the athlete the best chance of recovery and make life much less stressful for the treating clinician.



We have written a  comprehensive and yet easily read  manual that provides practical and up-to  date information on the assessment and subsequent management of the critically injured or unwell athlete. All current algorithms from the UK Resuscitation  Council are used and updated as required. The management of conditions such as head or neck injury are  also updated as  new guidelines such as the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool, SIGN or NEXUS are produced by consensus expert groups.

SportPromote Course

Building on the theoretical knowledge in the manual is  a 2 day course that consolidates the information in the manual with a mixture of lectures, practical skill stations, demonstrations, scenarios and workshops. These provide  a simple framework of assessment allied to a solid set of life saving skills that will  increase the confidence of the clinician.


Our new 2016 pitchside bag has been developed to work simply, logically and effectively. It has been designed to work in any sporting environment but special attention has been made to ensure that the smaller items of medical equipment stipulated by UEFA’s Minimum Medical Standards is accomodated.